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DI&D provides consulting and design services to organizations looking to maxamize their web presence and traditional print materials. We specialize in non-profits who have limited marketing resources but unlimited service opportunities.

Through the use of open source tools, creative design, and our digital imagination process your image, print materials, and web site can improve your ability to communicate. We look forward to imagining the future with you.

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Most computer users today recognize there is value to portable computing. Notebook sales have far exceeded desktop computers for some time now. Partly because the price has come way down on the carry-your-computer-with-you models and partly because most notebooks can match or at least come close to the power of their big brothers. The question is what kind should you buy if you are a “typical” church or school worker? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Stick with name brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP and Apple. While all the others might be less expensive, there is a reason for that. If you can, try and look for “business class” machines as they come with a longer warranty and support/parts are easier to get.

2. If you can afford it, get a Solid State Drive (SSD). These make all the difference in the world for boot up time and the speed at which an application opens. Worth every penny in my opinion in productivity gains. They are smaller in size, but that leads me to my next tip…

3. Don’t supersize your hard drive. While you can get big disks these days, storage for mobile users is really in the cloud. This affords you peace of mind that your files are not tempting fate by being under your arm or in your bag waiting for a disaster (theft, drop, etc.). Larger disks aren’t necessary and by going with a Solid State Drive you will get better battery life.

4. Smaller is better. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need a 17 inch monitor. It adds weight and cost. Purchase an LCD monitor for your office/desk and hook up the laptop to it for those times. Smaller notebooks travel well. I have a 17 inch and a 13 inch, and my preferred traveling companion is, of course, the smaller. I can actually open it on a plane as well.

5. Make sure it has a built in camera. Even though you don’t think you need it now (for Video Conferencing, etc), in the future that will be the norm for communications.

6. Don’t buy built in Cellular Wifi cards like Verizon and ATT offer. Either get a USB version or consider something like Verizon’s MiFI. This allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet at once and through the synod’s relationship with Verizon it can cost as little at $30/month. Worth it if you are on the road a lot and need access to those cloud-based documents we talked about in #3 above.

Those are the biggies, but there are many other considerations of course. Notebooks are great productivity tools, so make a selection you can live with and then get to work … for the Lord. launches

Earlier this summer our latest website launched at One of the primary goals of the new site launch was to allow for the congregation to easily promote events easily and elegantly. The rotating main images allow for “front-and-center” promotions of upcoming activities. This design also supports easy administration through the FinalWeb content management system and is available as a template for other organizations using FinalWeb.

A New Name

caringpeopleAs you can see we’ve changed our name. Formerly Image Studio, we have added a few syllables and narrowed our focus. Our desire is to assist non-profit organizations maximize their web presence. Whether economic times be good or bad, those who are seeking to make a difference always have limited resources, but great passion to serve. DI&D exists to work with you to imagine the possibilities of using the internet to get your message out, bring people together, and realize your dreams.

Our approach is centered around a process we call Digital Imagination. It’s a fun, creative and fulfilling process that explores every possibility, refuses to say no, and finishes with a very real plan to succeed. Our staff has worked for many years in the non-profit sector exploring all the digital tools that can make a difference for our clients. What we’ve found is that for very low cost, even an organization with the smallest budget can buy something that they never imagined they could.